• Elizabeth Kenney

Meal Prep Hacks For Your Move

While thinning out your pantry and refrigerator stock can be helpful during a move, there are some items that can be helpful to have on hand. In addition, planning for meals during your move can help minimize potential stress.

Check out the following tips from Moving.com:

#1 Work with what you’ve already got.

Leading up to your move, take inventory of your food stock, begin to thin out this stock, and try not to add more food items to this stock.

If you must, be creative with your meals. Until you reach your shiny, new kitchen get rid of what food is already in your pantry and buy as little additional food as possible.

#2 If you must buy, consider the item’s movability.

There will likely be some instances in which you will need to add a food item here and there leading up to your move. If you must buy these additional food, consider its “movability” factor.

Some aspects to consider might include the following:

1) Purchase small-sized containers that could be finished before your move.

2) Consider whether or not the item’s container has a lid that can easily be resealed.

3) Add more Tupperware or glassware containers to your collection, so that you can pack leftover food items away for your move.

4) Say “no” to perishable items: These food items can create hassle during a move.

#3 Keep a store of healthy snacks nearby.

Nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, and peanut butter crackers are just a few fairly healthy snacks that can be helpful to have at the ready during a move. At some point during the move, you or someone else from your moving crew will need an energy-boosting snack.

#4 Place must-have cookware near the top of the box.

Once you arrive in your new home, take-out is not the only simple meal option. If you keep your crockpot handy, for example, you can make a relatively easy home-cooked meal in your new home.

Also, bringing along a stock of paper or plastic-ware can eliminate dishwashing hassle during your move.

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