• Elizabeth Kenney

Moving In? Here Is Your Deep Clean Move-In Checklist.

No matter if you are moving into a rental or owned home, a pre-move or move-in deep clean is an absolute must. The following checklist (from moving.com) will provide you with an efficient and effective move-in deep clean:

#1 Start at the heart of the home—the kitchen.

Especially if you have already moved your boxes and furniture inside your home, scrubbing and sanitizing the refrigerator and pantry should be top of your list. Before you unpack those boxes of food, dishes, gadgets, and more, make sure these spaces have been cleaned.

Next, move on to the other elements of your new kitchen (such as light fixtures, cabinets, appliances, sink, ceiling and floor corners, etc.).

As opposed to storage spaces and sitting rooms that you may not use right away, your kitchen is an area of the home you will likely need to make use of immediately. So, prioritize this room when it comes to cleaning.

#2 Scrub-a-dub-dub that tub.

Bathrooms will be another area of the home you will likely need to make use of right away. For this reason, you will want to move on to this area next.

Sanitize every surface (mirror, sink, countertops, shower/tub, toilet, door handles, faucets, light switches, toilet paper holder, etc.)

#3 Look up at those fans and other high surfaces.

No one wants their furniture or carpets coated in dust. To avoid this, make sure the blades of your ceiling fans and tall cabinet nooks are thoroughly checked and cleaned for dust and other grime. And, do so before moving any furniture into their intended places.

#4 Item-by-item, not room-by-room

At this point in the cleaning process, it can be effective to clean item-by-item, as opposed to room-by-room. For example, you might choose to tackle the all the windows and window treatments, then move on to clean the closets, then the doors, and so on.

This organization can be helpful to ensure that all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning room-by-room, some surfaces can easily be overlooked or forgotten.

#5 Make the floors your finish-line.

Now that you have dusted, scrubbed, and sanitized every other surface of your new home, it’s time for the floors. Doing so, you will be able to wash away any additional dirt and grime that may have collected from your previous cleaning

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