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New Address? Here’s Who Should Know

Amidst the various details involved in moving, it can be easy to forget the people and entities that should know your new address. 


Don’t worry – we have you covered. Here’s a list of the people and entities who you should notify.

Family & Friends

This is the fun part! Whether you send a mailer, email, host a house-warming party, or maybe a phone call or text, make sure your friends and family know where you will be. 

Settling into your new home is not only a chance to share the moment with the people around you, but this is also important for practical reasons. (Also, who doesn’t like to get holiday cards every year?)

Postal Service

Notifying the USPS of your new address will save you a whole lot of hassle. As you make the various people and companies aware of your address change, the USPS can forward any and all mail with your name on it to your new address. Check out these instructions.

Employer & Education

This may seem obvious. However, don’t forget to tell your employer your new home address. Also, if you or any of your children attend school, be sure these institutions note your change of address.


This is a must for your financial health. In order to not miss any financial communication from your bank or have this information floating into hands other than yours, make sure you let your bank know that you’ve moved.

Personal & Home Services

Some of these services might include: internet, phone, music, cable/TV streaming, cleaning services, lawn care, car/home insurance, meal kit/food supply services, etc.


Whether it’s RealSimple, People, or your high school’s alumni magazine, make sure your favorite reads are sent to your new address!

In addition to sharing the excitement of this move with family and friends, making the appropriate people and entities aware of your new address will prevent future confusion and stress.

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