• Elizabeth Kenney

New Or Old, Keep Your Home Secure

Whether it’s your soon-to-be new home or your soon-to-be old home, completing an all-around safety check is key.

If you are moving from one home to another, check out the areas that Allstate suggests you tend to:


Especially if you are moving into a new home, change the locks on all doors right away. You have no way of knowing whether or not spare keys to your new home exist and you certainly do not want any uninvited guests at your door or inside your home.

Smoke Detectors

Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition. If you have just arrived at your new home, change the batteries and test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Electrical System

Knowing the location of your home’s meter and electrical circuit box is essential. In addition, be sure you (and everyone in your home) know how to turn off the fuse. This know-how can come in handy during an emergency.


Leaking, stains, and corrosion—all of these conditions are to be prevented in your homes pipes. Therefore, when you reach your new home, check all pipes for any warning signs of these potential damages.

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