• Elizabeth Kenney

New Season, New Setup?

As summer starts to come to a close and the autumn season begins to roll in, maybe you are in the mood for a change around your home. And maybe that change is as simple as a new furniture or room arrangement.

Here are some ideas:

#1 Rearrange the shelving.

Maybe you have a bookcase in the study or a display of China and glassware in the dining room. A simple way to give the rooms in your home a new look is to rearrange the shelving.

The options are really endless—Maybe you rearrange the things that are already on that particular shelving unit, but in a new way. Maybe you bring in brand-new décor for that shelf. Or, maybe you simply move some or all of the décor from other spaces in your home.

#2 Paint the room or furnishings.

Ah a fresh coat of paint! Sometimes a fresh coat of paint inside a room or maybe on a particular piece of furniture can give a space the change you might be craving.

Not only does fresh paint often give the space a clean look, but fresh paint, especially a change in color, can transform a room or piece of furniture from one style to another. This change in style could be bold or subtle, and thus fitting for either the bold or subtle change you are craving.

#3 A new statement piece of furniture can go a long way.

Perhaps you and your family have been sitting on the same couch for years. Or perhaps the same lighting fixture has been lighting the area around your kitchen table since you moved into your home.

Take a look at the statement pieces of furniture that decorate your home and decide whether or not you want to switch it up.

Like a bold new paint color, swapping out (even rearranging these pieces in different locations) the statement furnishing in your home can give your space a new look.

If your new room arrangement requires any heavy-lifting, give our team a call. We can help!

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