• Elizabeth Kenney

Outdoor, At-Home Activities? Check.

Whether you've recently moved, plan to move soon, or have lived in the same neighborhood for years, here are a few ideas for making the most out of your outdoor space this spring and summer:

#1 Spruce up the exterior.

Perhaps you have been wanting to update the paint color of your home, or renovate the back porch, or maybe you want to clear out some of the flower beds, take advantage of this at-home time to complete the projects you have been dreaming about.

#2 Plant a garden.

Ever had the itch to grow a vegetable or flower garden? What better time than now to make this dream a reality. If you’ve never grown a garden, you could start off small with a couple plants and then add on throughout the season if you wish.

If you have kids, planting and maintaining a garden provides not only family-fun time, but also a hands-on learning experience.

#3 Take on art projects.

These projects can be simple or complex. No matter the scale however, we can all benefit from a little art therapy every once in a while.

Get those creative the juices flowing with projects as simple as sidewalk chalk competitions, bird house building, or painting garden planters.

#4 When in doubt, cook-out.

For many families, summer in synonymous with backyard cookouts. This summer take your cookout to the next level. Perhaps treat yourself to new or refurbished patio furniture or maybe a shiny new grill.

And what always goes over well after a nice BBQ (especially for the kids)? Pull out that bag of mallows and start up the campfire for a night of smores.

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