• Elizabeth Kenney

Pack With Care

Not every one of your items is suited for a generic, one-size-fits-all kind of a box.

While many household items, such as clothing, kitchenware, and books or paperwork, can easily be packed away in a regular cardboard box, some items require special treatment when it comes to packing.

In addition to fragile materials and oddly-shaped items, take into consideration other factors, such as temperature-sensitivity and weight.

Check out the following list of items that will involve special treatment packing and care:

- Artwork

- Plants

- Aquarium and fish

- Breakables (...check the china cabinet!)

- TV screens (big and small)

- Computer screens (and other office equipment)

- Tools and other machines

- Kitchen appliances (coffee makers, waffle irons, toaster ovens, etc).

- Antique furniture (These are often fragile and ornate.)

- Pianos and other musical instruments

- Jet skis and any boating equipment

- Hot tubs

- Bikes

- Gym equipment (weights, treadmills, etc.)

- Pool tables

Note that the list above is not exhaustive. It is important to take an inventory of your items and make note of anything that will involve special treatment packing and handling.

Also, by reading the product instruction manuals and/or company website, you can determine the best way to package your items.

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