• Elizabeth Kenney

Packing Up The Band

In preparation for your move, be sure to appropriate care for any musical instruments.

Instruments often contain fragile parts and, as such, require special consideration during a move. Check out these tips from Unpakt on the care and keeping of your instruments during a move:

#1 Use hard cases for large instruments.

This includes tubas, basses, cellos, and more.

#2 Wrap accessories separate from their hardware.

Doing so will help organization, as well as these small pieces from damaging the hardware in some way.

#3 Temperature matters.

Instruments are temperature sensitive. Be sure you keep this in mind throughout your move and especially if your ideas spend any amount of time in storage.

#4 Loosen strings and turn tuning keys parallel.

This goes for stringed instruments, such as cellos, harps, guitars, and more.

#5 Disassemble when necessary.

Some instruments, specifically brass and woodwind instruments, needs to be disassembled before the move. Then, once taken apart, we recommend using a hard case for these during transport.

#6 Mark the outside of the box.

Be sure to identify the box as “fragile” and what side of the box should be facing up.

#7 Stabilize the inside of the box.

If there is empty space on the inside of the box, use packing peanuts or crumpled paper for stability.

Although this can apply to a variety of instruments, drums particularly require this packing stabilization.

When packing up drums, you will want to select a box that is 2 to 4 inches bigger than actually the drum. On the space left over in the box, use material to protect and stabilize the drums.

For further care instructions, you might contact your local music shop, as well as consult any instructions provided to you when you purchased the instrument.

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