• Elizabeth Kenney

Preparing For A Move This Fall? Keep These In Mind

The transition from summer to fall often comes with a mix of both welcome and hesitancy. However, especially if you are planning for a move during the fall season, there are seasonal realities that you must keep in mind as your plan. These include:

#1 The sun sets earlier in the day.

Loading and unloading items is easiest and most convenient during daylight. So, we recommend that planning your move accordingly. Schedule your move with consideration of the time of day and sunlight in mind.

#2 Fall foliage can cause obstruction.

While the falling leaves of various colors can be gorgeous to look at, they can also present slip hazards during your move.

In addition to clearing the walkways of any leaves and debris, wear shoes with solid grip on the underside. Also, keep a broom or rake nearby during you move.

#3 Shield your carpet for tracking debris.

The fall season not only brings debris, but also more frequent moisture. Consider this reality as you prepare your homes for shoes tracking in this unwanted debris.

We recommend that you cover your carpets with plastic tarp or cardboard to prevent them from collecting mud, dirt, and other foliage.

#4 Pack and dress for the season.

As you pack, label your boxes according to the season of the clothes inside.

In addition, keep an extra layer of clothes (such as a jacket or sweater) nearby throughout the move in case you need it.

(Source: https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/things-to-remember-about-moving-in-fall/)

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