• Elizabeth Kenney

Pro Moving Tip: Try Sliding Your Furniture

If done correctly, many furniture moves do not require lifting or dragging. Instead, equipped with the proper materials, you can simply slide large pieces into their new spots.

What kinds of items can I slide versus lift?

The list below is not at all a comprehensive list. In fact, many furniture items can be slid into their location, including:

- Couches and overstuffed chairs

- Dining room tables

- Bookcases and shelves

- Pianos

- Mattresses

What precautions should I take when sliding furniture?

Do not simply start sliding furniture around your home. If done improperly, damage to the items, your floors or walls, and even injury can occur.

#1 So, take care to have a plan. Know where you are moving the items to and from. Determine the easiest path and clear away any hazards that may be in the way.

#2 To protect your floors and the item itself from damage, use furniture sliders or make-shift furniture sliders (such as moving blankets, carpets, towels, or frisbees).

#3 To avoid damage, use hard-covered sliders for carpeting and soft, padded sliders for hard flooring (like wood and tiled floors).

#4 Be sure that you and your moving crew are wearing appropriate, protective gear (such as sturdy close-toe shoes).

#5 Also, you may want to read the manufacturer’s directions for any item-specific considerations.

To avoid hassle and ensure a safe move for any items, give us a call 574-289-3293.

Our team is available to move items within and around your home or business, as well as to/from one building to another.

(Source: https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/10-tips-for-moving-furniture/)

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