• Elizabeth Kenney

Rainy Day Moves

Moving dates don’t always occur on the sunny days.

Your scheduled move may fall on a rainy day. Don’t let your rainy day move get you down. Check out these tips:

#1 Gear

Wet walkways leave you at risk of slipping, so be sure to wear shoes with good traction on the bottoms. While you may be tempted to pull out your rain boots, remember you will not want to wear unduly bulky shoes, as this extra bulk can cause you to trip.

In addition to shoes with good traction on the bottom, be sure to wear gloves to help you grip items as you carry them.

#2 Tarps

For carpets and cloth furniture, tarps can come in handy to protect these items from the elements.

#3 Other Protective Wrap

Items like artwork, electronics, and wooden furniture should be covered as well.

To cover artwork, use garbage bags. To cover wooden furniture, use heavy blankets. And to cover electronics, you might use the two-layer approach: For the first layer use blankets and for the second layer use a garbage bag.

#4 Cardboard Care

Remember that cardboard boxes and other material do not hold up well in the rain. So, do not leave cardboard boxes and other items that are prone to water damage outside or near areas that can collect puddles.

(Source: https://www.mymove.com/moving/guides/moving-day-rain/)

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