• Elizabeth Kenney

Ready, Set, Pack!

Moving and don’t know where to start? Instead of dumping items into box, think about and set a plan for your packing.

Beyond determining which items stay and which items go, you will also need to consider the timing, transportation, and any potential storage needs. Once your overall moving plan is set, it’s time to develop your plan for packing.

Here are three ways that you could get started with packing:

#1 Clear Paper Clutter

Documents, magazines, newspapers, receipts, etc. can pile up quickly in a drawer, a cabinet, an office, and other nooks. Why not start your packing here? Trash, shred, and recycle the paper clutter that you no longer need and that you certainly do not want to bring into your new home.

By first clearing out your unwanted paper and packing up the paper documents you plan to transport, you can then examine and set a packing plan for the remainder of your packing needs, like furniture, kitchenware, clothing, glassware, and more.

This can be a great way to build momentum with your packing. The sight of those documents going through the shredder or stacked inside the recycling bin may give you the boost you need to begin the project of packing your entire home.

#2 Store Seasonal Items

Whether this is a portion of your closet (say, for example, winter coats and boots during the summer) or decorations boxed in storage (such as the various Halloween or Christmas baubles during the spring), can be a useful way to begin your packing project.

If you will not be using these out-of-season items, why not start here and get these boxed up and ready for delivery to your new home.

#3 Bottle Collection

Half-used bottles, small cardboard containers, and other junk often collects in cabinets and drawers. Perhaps you will find it helpful to get started on packing in these areas of your home.

Be sure to keep with you the necessary items (such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc.) that you will use during the move.

And remember, Move Eaze can assist with all of you packing needs. We would be happy to take this moving stress off your to-do list!

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