• Elizabeth Kenney

Rearranging Your Space For Remote Learning This Fall

Will your kids be remote learning this coming school year? If so, setting up an environment that encourages learning can go a long way.

Here are a few ways to rearrange your home for optimal remote learning:

#1 Section off a defined space.

Regardless of what we all might like to think, we tend to work most efficiently and focus best when we have a specific, defined learning space and not simply use any available flat surface around the home.

Be choosy about what you place inside this space. Everything in the space should be intentionally arranged to help your kids meet their learning objectives.

#2 Minimize distractions in the space.

Now that you have created a dedicated space for your learner to work from, clear the space of any visible distractions.

While types of distractions may differ from person to person, keep in mind that clutter and simply unnecessary items in the learning space are common causes of distraction.

Also, especially if you have a young student embarking on remote learning, create a system for cell phones and other non-academic related technology. It might be helpful, for example, to designate a particular location where the phone (or other tech item) will rest during learning hours.

#3 Proper storage space is a must.

Decluttering a space to create an optimal learning environment requires sufficient storage. Take the time to organize storage within the learning environment.

Consider using closet space, refurbishing a set of bookshelves, or installing a desk hutch, for example.

#4 Be creative.

Remember that none of the suggestions above need to break-the-bank or necessarily require construction to your home. Rather, there are a number of creative options available to help you create a remote learning space inside your home.

For example, the learning space does not necessarily need to housed in an entirely separate room. Instead, you might only need to transform a small portion of a room.

Also, many creative mechanisms— such as a “Murphy Desk” or storage configurations that can be hung from room or closet doors— exist to help with the room transformation.

Need help with the heavy-lifting? Our Move Eaze team can help!


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