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Safety First: Planning For A Safe Move

Amidst boxes, schedules, kids or other family members, and a number of other factors that go into a move, you might be tempted to cut corners in order to finish the move more efficiently.


One thing not to cut corners on is safety precautions. Here are some reminders to help you achieve a safe move.

Sharp Objects

Whether you are packing up tools from the garage or kitchen gadgets, be sure that all sharp objects are tended to properly.

Depending on the item, its instructions may recommend that you take the item apart and then package. In other cases, you may need to wrap the object in blankets or some other protective layer before placing it inside its box.


Use proper padding when dealing with breakables. Sometimes the items’ original boxes provide the adequate packaging. If you have saved these, be sure to take advantage of this for your move. If not, use bubble wrap, blankets, or some other padding to ensure that your breakables make it to their new spot in one piece.

Label, Label, Label

Make sure all boxes are labeled precisely. Note if there are any breakables or sharp objects inside the boxes or carriers.

Although you may think you will remember what items are in which boxes, taking the time to label boxes with detail can prevent injury for you and others.

Safety > Time

Do not rush your safety precautions. This goes for packing, as well as unpacking.

When unpacking boxes of breakables or sharp objects for example, take a moment to examine inside the box before reaching in and starting. You do not want to cut or nick your hand on any shifted or broken items.

Protective Clothes

Choose the proper wardrobe for your move. To name a few, you will want to wear closed-toe shoes and a non-bulky pants and shirt ensemble. Also, for certain tasks, you may need to wear protective gloves.

Our team of professionals can provide you with exactly what you are looking for: a safe and efficient move. Give us a call to learn how we can make your next move a breeze.

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