• Elizabeth Kenney

Scheduling Pre-Move Reno And Other Updates

Will your new home or office undergo any renovations or other updates? If so, it can be helpful to factor this into your move's timeline.

If possible, getting your new home in turn-key condition before unloading and unpacking your stuff can simplify the move-in process.

Here are a few areas to consider:


Are you updating your kitchen or bathrooms? Maybe you intend to knock down a wall or add-on a room. Scheduling big, lengthy, and messy projects such as this before you officially move you and your stuff in, can be extremely helpful.

Paint and other décor jobs

Perhaps you intend to give the interior walls a fresh coat of paint, or maybe it’s adding closet cubbies. Scheduling these jobs ahead of your move, can allow you to move your stuff right in to their intended spaces.

Albeit, certain minor décor projects, such as updating appliance fixtures, or exterior decor jobs can often be accomplished easily once your stuff is delivered and unpacked in your new home.


Whether you intend to hire professionals, or accomplish this cleaning on your own, doing so before the moving truck arrives is recommended.

Ok, I’m going to need more time…

Consider your particular renovation and update needs and determine the appropriate timeline. If completing these items prior to your move is not possible, find the next best plan of action.

If you need short-term storage to buy some time while you finish these projects, we can help.

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