• Elizabeth Kenney

Snowy Considerations For Your Move

If you will be moving throughout this winter season, here are some tips to help you navigate your move during the snow, slush, sleet, and ice of winter:

#1 Clear the walkways.

Before you begin the process of moving items in and out of your home, as well around the outdoor areas of your home, shovel and salt the walkways. Remove any and all potential wintery hazards from your path.

#2 Use waterproof materials.

To avoid damaging your stuff, be sure to cover boxes, furniture, etc. with waterproof coverings.

Also, if you are using cardboard boxes, take care to not place these items in or around areas that are moist or may become moist. Similarly, consider this factor as your pack boxes on to your moving truck or store them in a garage, for example.

#3 Wear appropriate gear.

Make sure you, as well as your stuff, are prepared to face the wintery conditions.

Wear waterproof shoes that also have proper traction on the underside. Similarly, when choosing gloves, pick a pair that has some amount of grip that you can rely on as you are lifting and moving items throughout the day.

Also, remember that bulky clothing can sometimes cause hazards, so while you want to stay warm and dry during your move, do not choose bulky gear.

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