• Elizabeth Kenney

Staircase Safety During A Move

If your new home has more than one level or any steps off an exterior porch, it’s important to take proper safety precautions during a move.

Here are a few ways you can safely and successfully move items up or down a set of stairs:

#1 Cover the stairs with anti-slip material.

Give us a call for recommendations. Do not cut corners on the quality of these or any other materials involved in moving items up or down stairs.

#2 Wear the appropriate clothes.

For example, choose shoes and perhaps gloves with proper grip. And do not choose any loose-hanging clothes that might cause you trip or get caught on one surface or another.

#3 Take proper time to accomplish the job.

Rather than be in a rush to finish the task of moving items up or down a staircase, plan ahead and set aside adequate amount of time.

#4 Don’t be a one-man (or woman) band.

Take care to not take on jobs alone that require teamwork.

Our team at Move Eaze can assist with any and all moving tasks, especially those that require the items to moved up or down staircases. Call us today!


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