• Elizabeth Kenney

Temporarily Displaced? Here’s What To Do.

Whether your home is undergoing planned renovations or unplanned reconstruction as a result of damages, you may be faced with temporary housing displacement and other needs as a result.

If you find yourself in this position, here are a few ideas: #1 Storage

Depending on the damage severity or renovation plans for your home, you may need to place your furniture and/or other items in a temporary storage unit.

Consider whether or not this is necessary in your situation. Oftentimes, taking this step can help prevent long-term damage to your stuff.

(Our team at Move Eaze can help! We offer climate controlled, accessible storage units to keep your stuff safe and in proper condition.)

#2 Junk Removal

Should the damages to your home cause irreversible damage to your stuff, junk removal services may be in order.

(Move Eaze can help with this too.)

#3 Temporary Accommodations

Once professionals have assessed the damage to your home or estimated your renovation timeline, determine what housing accommodations are best suited to your needs.

If the temporary displacement is planned, like in the case of home renovations, you might even schedule your family vacation to coincide with the renovation construction.

Other accomodation options include staying with family and friends or perhaps renting an Airbnb or hotel suite. If necessary and/or appropriate, you might consider short-term apartment lease.

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