• Elizabeth Kenney

Temporary Home Sweet Home

Moving to a temporary living space? While you may not be able to completely settle in, the following tips from Fresh Home can help you make this temporary space feel homey:

#1 Unpack your clothes.

While it might be tempting to think that living out of suitcases or boxes will be easier in the long run, don’t be fooled by this notion. The daily grind of sifting through your boxes or suitcases to locate that one shirt or accessory, will likely become exhausting.

If the space does not already have shelves or drawers for you to unpack your clothes and other personal items, you might purchase cheap plastic drawers to use during this time.

While you probably will not need to unpack all of your clothes and personal items, choose the items from your wardrobe that you will need during this time and unpack these.

#2 Select functional décor.

Whoever said that a temporary living space has to be bland? While you of course do not want to unpack every piece of décor, use your functional pieces to spice up the space.

For example, you might use colorful baskets for organizing blankets, shoes, or other items. Or, you might create a centerpiece for your table with candles or fruit (which are both useful and decorative).

Also, keep in mind that you may just want to have your favorite comfy blanket and framed photos with you in this temporary space—and that’s great! Simply be choosy, so as not to over-decorate and create more work for yourself when you do in fact move-out of this temporary space and into your permanent living space.

#3 Streamline your kitchen appliances.

If your temporary space is not already furnished with kitchen items, select two or three kitchen appliances that will make your life easier during this time.

While you may be able to nix your toaster during this time, you might need your coffee-maker to keep you caffeinated. Similarly, if smoothie meals are your go-to, especially when you have minimal room or time for cooking, you might bring this appliance along.

Determine the appliances that you will need most during this time, and likewise, decide which ones you can live without for this period of time.

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