• Elizabeth Kenney

The Art Of Unpacking

Now that all of furniture and boxes are inside your new home, it’s time to unpack. You may be asking yourself: Where to start? How to proceed?

Check out these tips to help you put your new home together in no time:

#1 Clean and sanitize your new space.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning company or you decide on the DIY route, cleaning and sanitizing your new home is a must.

Before you start unpacking and arranging your things on the cabinets, shelves, carpets, and other surfaces, clean and sanitize.

#2 What items will you need immediately? Start there.

To name a few, these items might include toiletries, medications, paperwork, bed sheets, clothing items that you will use in the short-term, paperwork for work and/or school, electronics and their chargers, and basic cooking utensils.

(For this purpose, it can be helpful to pack a first-night box before the move.)

#3 Take a breath.

Like packing, the process of unpacking should also be approached in an organized manner. Do not simply start unpacking all boxes and bins, in random order.

Instead, make a plan. You might try the following approach…

#3 Arrange any large furniture items first.

Even if you do not set up the furniture in their long-term spots, at least try to get these in the appropriate rooms. Doing so can provide you with a general sense of organization throughout your new home.

Also, you will need places (i.e. cabinets and shelves) for your smaller items to be unpacked onto. So, getting these larger furniture items in their places before unpacking the smaller items can be a good way to go.

#4 Next, focus in.

Start room by room, unpacking as you go. For example, it can be helpful to start with the kitchen, then move on to the bathrooms, then onto the bedrooms, etc.

(Sources: The Spruce and Themocracy)

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