• Elizabeth Kenney

The Garden Is Coming Too

Have a garden that you want to transplant in your new backyard?

If you plan to move your garden from your old home to your new home, take care and follow these tips from Gardening Know How:

#1 Temperature matters.

It’s optimal to remove and transport perennials in cooler temperatures. So, the spring or fall months are the best times of the year for this task.

Trees, on the other hand, should be moved during winter or a particularly wet spring or summer. The key here is moisture.

#2 Keep the roots.

When removing plants, be sure to keep as much of the roots in tact as possible.

Moist soil protects the plants. You might even wrap the roots of larger plants in burlap for protection. And, be sure to leave enough room in the pots for the plant and its roots.

#3 No sun or wind.

Protect your plants from the elements, especially while they are in transit. Keep your plants protected from the sun and wind, for example.

To help with this task, use a closed vehicle for transportation and check in on the moisture level of your plants, if you make any stops along your trip.

#4 Prepare the new soil ahead of time.

Before you reach your new home, it is optimal to have your garden area already prepped and ready for planting. This foresight allows you to get your plants in the ground as quickly as possible– The less time outside of the ground’s soil, the better!

#5 Snip any damages.

Once your plants are home sweet home in the garden at your new address, check over the plants for any potential damages.

Use a pair of clean pruners to snip away any broken leaves or branches.

As your plants settle into their new space (trust me, it’s a thing! Plants can experience shock and may begin to wilt), continue to protect the plants from harsh sun or wind. Also, make sure they are receiving the appropriate amount of moisture.

While your plants might be vulnerable for some time in the new garden, if you provide the proper care, you plants have a solid chance of surviving and thriving at your new home.

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