• Elizabeth Kenney

Tricks Over Treats For Your Move: 4 Ways to Stay In Control of Your Move

While it is spooky season, you do not have to experience any tricks during your move. Check out these 4 ways to maintain control of your move:

#1 Develop a plan

Schedule each step of your move. From packing and cleaning your old home to moving boxes into your new home, know when and how each of these steps will be accomplished.

#2 Schedule in some wiggle room.

As you create your moving plan and schedule, slightly overestimate the time length of each stage of the move. Doing so will help you stay calm and on schedule throughout the move, especially when unexpected twists come your way.

#3 Communicate and delegate tasks.

Remember, moving is not a one-person magic show. Delegate tasks to those people assisting you with the move. And furthermore, build these designate tasks into your plan.

#4 Hire the professionals.

To take all stress, logistics, and planning off your plate, give Move Eaze a call. We guarantee an easy, efficient, and enjoyable moving process.

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