• Elizabeth Kenney

What Bookworms Should Consider When Moving

Librarians aren’t the only ones moving books. If you have a home or office library that needs to be moved, check out the following tips from BookRiot:

#1 Choose small boxes.

By using small boxes, instead of large boxes, the weight of the books will be more manageable to carry.

If you must use larger boxes, remain conscious of the box’s total weight. Therefore, instead of filling the entire large box with books, pack part of the box with less weighty items, such as clothing.

#2 Label all boxes.

However you decide to organize your books as you pack, make sure you label boxes as you go. This becomes especially important if you have a large collection of books.

#3 Protect boxes from damage.

Know where your boxes of books are during the move, so that you can prevent damage from water, bending, and other potential risks.

#4 Donate titles you do not want anymore.

Use your move as an opportunity to comb through your collection and clear out any books that you no longer want or need. Whether you sell, donate, or give these titles away, getting rid of some titles can lighten the load of your move.

#5 Keep a book on standby.

Especially if you are embarking on a lengthy move and if you enjoy reading, you might want to keep a book handy. Moving can sometimes open up gaps of waiting time and you might just want to spend that time reading.

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