• Elizabeth Kenney

What Stays And What Goes? 4 Questions to Guide You.

Especially if you will soon be embarking on a move, and even if you are not, decluttering your home or office can often be a rewarding process.

Whether it’s an upcoming move, a new school year, a new job, or just a random Saturday afternoon, if you are motivated to declutter, take advantage of this motivation.

Getting started is easy. Check out these 4 questions from The Spruce to guide your keep-or-pitch decision:

#1 Do I use it regularly?

Remember that dress you bought on double-markdown last year? How many times have you worn it in the last 12 months? If your answer is once or not at all, this item can likely go in the pitch pile.

If the item you are deciding on sees minimal to no use at all, take this as an indication of how much value you place on this item. If you realize that the item is not all that important or necessary to your life, it’s probably time to part ways.

#2 Do I really love or value this item?

Oftentimes we stow away keepsakes, collections, and memorabilia because of the memories associated with this item.

Though you may only pull this item out once every couple months, or maybe even once every year, these personal items likely have a place in your life. And thus, they probably deserve a spot in your closet or storage area.

Your holiday décor might fall into this category as well. If this is the case, consider rummaging through these seasonal items to parse and pitch the items you will no longer use when the holidays roll around. Broken ornaments and Christmas tree light, for example, often end up getting the boot.

#3 Do I have duplicates?

Time to check your inventory. Good places to check for duplicate items that might previously have been overlooked include:

- Bedroom and coat closets

- Bathroom cabinets (feat. abundant piles of unused cosmetics)

- Bookshelves and movie collections

- Kitchen cupboards

- Garage, basement, and other storage areas

#4 Has the item expired?

Food isn’t the only thing with an expiration date. Some products or items in your home may have passed their date of usefulness.

While this might include items in your refrigerator and pantry, this might also include items like electronics, cosmetics, and perhaps piles on dated, unimportant paperwork.

And remember, depending on the items that you have decided to part with, their next destination is not necessarily the trash can. You might choose to recycle, donate, or sell certain items, for example.

We provide junk removal and storage services. Give us a call to help with your decluttering process.

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