• Elizabeth Kenney

Winter Safety Tips For Your Move

Although the snow may look nice if you’re cozied up indoors with a cup of hot cocoa, we Midwesterners know that the wintery conditions can cause serious risks. So when it comes to your move, make sure to take the proper precautions.

Here are three ways to get started:

#1 Clear all walkways of snow and ice.

As boxes and furniture are transported from inside your home, onto the truck, and then into your new home, it’s important that all walkways are cleared of ice and snow.

#2 Wear the right gear.

While staying warm is important, make sure to choose clothes that will not get in the way of your move or even risk an injury. For example, although our Ugg boots keep our feet thoroughly toasty, this type of footwear often lacks grip on the underside, putting you at risk of slipping or tripping.

Similarly, bulky coats and gloves can be a nuisance as you move boxes in and outside. Instead, choose gloves that have grip on the palm-side and a coat that is slightly more compact than say for example your favorite puffy jacket.

#3 Keep heat on inside both your old and new home.

You may be tempted to turn off the heat in one house if you are spending the day in the other. But, it is important that you keep the heat on at both homes at consistent temperatures, so as to prevent the pipes from potentially freezing and bursting.

If you will be away from the house for a significant period of time, Consumer Reports recommends that you keep the temperature set to at least 55°F.

Our team will ensure a safe and smooth move from start to finish, regardless of weather conditions. Give us a call today!

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