How long does it take to move?

The time it takes to move varies, but you can use our Move Time Estimator to get a good idea of the approximate time frame.

How do you know how many trucks will be needed for the move?

We will schedule a Move Eaze Representative to walk your house with you and ask you to show us what needs moved so we can take a physical Inventory of your valuables prior to scheduling your move

What happens if one of my items are damaged?

Damage is something that nobody wants, so we train our MoveEaze Stars© to handle your valuables as though they were their own; however, we understand that accidents happen so we are prepared to deal with it. We are federally mandated to pay $.60 per pound for “damaged” items, but we also reserve the right to fix or replace any damaged item.

What sort of training do your movers receive to prepare them to handle my valuables?

Our movers receive in-house training on how to pad and wrap furniture to keep it safe, how to lift in unison, how to pack in a secure manner, how to stack and move boxes efficiently, and how to treat all of your valuables as though they were moving their own.

Do you only move furniture?

No! We will move a wide variety of items for you. Just ask!

What if my new home isn’t ready for me to move in, but I have to move out?

No Problem. We will put your mind at Eaze! We will place your valuables in Storage and move them into your new home when it is ready.

Is there insurance available to protect my items?

Valuation protection coverage is available. Please check with our Customer Service Representative for more details.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, your MoveEaze Stars© are fully licensed and insured so you can sit back and watch them dazzle you.

Do you just put all my items in the garage of my new home?

No! Your MoveEaze Stars© will place all of your items where you want them placed. They work for you, so tell them your desired layout for your new home and they will make it a reality.

Can you move boxes without lids?

We prefer to move boxes with lids on them, so if that is not possible, we will want to use shrink wrap to keep all of your valuables safe.

What happens if a wall gets damaged during the move?

We have contractors that we work with who will be able to fix any cosmetic damage that may occur during the move.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit cards, certified check payments only.

Will you disassemble and reassemble beds?

Yes, our MoveEaze Stars© are able to disassemble and reassemble beds for your convenience.

Will you remove unwanted items for me?

Yes, we will remove your unwanted items and dispose of them or donate them for you at your request.

Do you charge extra to move furniture up and down stairs?

No! We do not charge a premium for multiple levels.